Pharma Lactose

Product Description

  • Lactose is a sugar naturally present in mammal’s milk. It has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades as an excipient. It is either used as a Diluent in oral solid dosage forms (OSDF) such as tablets, capsules, sachets or as a Carrier for dry powder inhalers (DPI) because pure active substances need excipients to produce a final dosage form.
  • Pharma grades meet all the pharmacopoeia requirements of Ph. Eur., USP-NF and JP monographs.
  • Several properties such as cost effectiveness, a bland taste, its availability and the compatibility with active ingredients and other excipients contribute to the popularity of lactose . Further advantages of lactose are its water solubility, its low hygroscopicity, as well as the excellent physical and chemical stability.

Product Applications

  • Mostly used for tablet manufacturing using wet and dry granulation, but also for blends or premixes.
  • It has a low sweetening power
  • Flavor fixative
  • Bulking agent

Packaging available

  • 25kg-bag
  • big bag and bulk
  • Other packaging may be available on demand
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